Project Engineer

US Navy, O-3

I worked with recruiters from both the Austin office and the San Diego office. Both sides were helpful in helping me to improve my interviewing skills. They were especially understanding and helpful about coordinating between regional offices to allow me to commence my job search in a much wider regional base.

I’ve attended four hiring conferences in San Diego and two in Dallas, often with four to six interviews back to back. I’m now a Project Engineer with Sachs Electric, on track to become a Project Manager in commercial construction. 

Orion was extremely helpful, and their conferences were put together very well. I had by far the best interviews through Orion. This is the most difficult job market I’ve ever seen, and they were the only ones that could reliably get me actual interviews for relevant positions. I would like to thank Bob Berkholz, Amy Donsbach, and Tim Duba for their patience as they helped me repeatedly through the conferences.