Production Superintendent

South Central
US Army, O-3

Bob Berkholz was my recruiter. I could not be happier with how Bob treated me. I felt like I was his only concern during the entire process, even though he was dealing with hundreds of candidates.

I am currently a Production Superintendent for First Quality Retail Services. My new career parallels my military career in many ways; I would equate my current responsibilities with those of a Major in the Army. I am responsible for over 200 people and the day-to-day production of the plant. Also, my military background as an aviation branch Captain in the Army gave me the technical knowledge I needed to understand the machinery involved, as well as the leadership skills I needed to take a leadership position at my new company.

To reiterate, I felt like I was the only person Orion was trying to find a job, and that was VERY reassuring! I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to find a job on my own, and I will always be grateful to the folks at Orion who took the time to help me out. I will tell every service member I come in contact with that is looking for a job about Orion and the great job they did for me!