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US Army, O-3

I left the military in March 2012 as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army, serving as a Platoon Leader, Operations Staff Officer, and Battle Captain in the Armor Branch. I found out about Orion online. I first had an informational meeting with Jim Freeze at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord and then went to two hiring conferences in Seattle. 

My recruiter was Karin Roberts, and she is one of the most professional recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with. She found a perfect fit for me with a great company. I had previously worked with a few recruiters from other recruitment firms, but they consistently seemed more concerned with their own needs rather than my needs.

Orion went above and beyond my expectations. The company is truly a professional organization, and I would recommend to anyone transitioning out of the Armed Services that they contact Orion first, before they contact any other recruiting firm. Orion beats the competition, hands down.