Project Manager

US Army, O-3

I graduated from West Point in 2001 and served as a Captain in a cavalry unit in the Army. I began my job search in May 2006 by listing my resume on an alumni website. Stephanie Moser contacted me after encountering my resume there and told me about an opportunity in Long Island with VEECO. I was looking to find a job somewhere in the New York City area. At the time it was a back-up opportunity, but as soon as I interviewed I knew that this was the best opportunity for me. The job is exactly what I was looking for since it is surprisingly similar to what I was doing as an operations officer in the Army. I can confidently say that Stephanie found me job for which my prior service prepared me well.

Stephanie and Rob Gumpper were great to work with and were both very receptive to my needs as far as job location and type of work. Unlike their competition, Orion was straight up with me from the beginning and did not try to sell me on the regular line of empty promises that other recruiting firms did, nor did they play down the competition. Stephanie simply explained what opportunities she had for me and that they could be great backups if other opportunities did not pan out. That was exactly what happened, and she came through for me!