Program Manager

US Navy, O-3

I began my job search in August 2011 as a head start to when I left the military in February 2012. I learned about Orion at a TAP class through Karin Roberts, who did a great job throughout the process. In particular, she took into account the type of career that I wanted to pursue and provided positive realistic feedback on what I could expect. Additionally, her candid advice on being open to multiple locations opened the door for opportunities that I hadn’t even considered.

I went through two hiring conferences, with seven total interviews. That was followed up by an on-site interview at my new employer’s location and a job offer within the week.  I will be the Program Manager of Quality Assurance, and I feel it is very much in line with the Lean Six Sigma training and experience I gained in the Navy. 

Orion more than met my needs. During a three month period I was presented with over 40 diverse career opportunities. In the end, I received an offer from my number one company, with my ideal salary and outstanding career potential. 

My experience with Orion was outstanding. From day one, the Orion team fought hard to get me the career I was looking for. I have to give thumbs up to Joel Rueckert for his negotiation of my employment at my new company. Tim Duba’s work on the hiring conferences was extremely helpful and definitely prepared me for interviews. Additionally, Jim Perdue’s tenacity to find my next career was much appreciated. Overall, a great experience. Thanks for all the help.