US Army, O-3

I came across Orion International as I was in the midst of a long and not terribly fruitful job search and decided to give it a shot. I wasn't sure what—if anything—to expect, as I'd never worked with a recruiter. The very next day, I received a phone call in which the recruiting manager explained how the process worked, talked through my background and what I was looking for in a career, and then immediately began working to get me plugged into the next hiring conference (which was only a week out!). 

I was truly impressed by the deep understanding that the Orion personnel clearly had of how to translate military experience. Orion conducted some phenomenal and practical instruction at the workshops, and I interviewed with two companies I was interested in, both of which resulted in second interviews ... and third and fourth interviews ... and finally in job offers! 

Throughout the entire process, multiple Orion personnel were available to answer questions, explain each step, and even make sure the companies were holding up their end of the deal. I was seriously impressed with how professional and precise the Orion-driven job search experience was and how knowledgeable and helpful the recruiters and account executives were the entire time.