Account Manager

US Air Force, O-3

As soon as I contacted Orion, they immediately started trying to match me with jobs and got me involved in a mini-conference on very short notice. Tim Duba and Karin Roberts were my recruiters. They were the best thing about this whole experience – they were friendly, gave great advice, and really took the time to get to know me, so they could help find the best fit for me. Jim Perdue was also incredibly helpful, and I really appreciate all the work he did to help me find the right company.

I used a different military recruiting service when I first left the military, and Orion is far superior. The other service did not even compare when it comes to personalized service. My recruiters and the account reps really took time to get to know me and I really felt like the whole team was invested in my success. 

Everyone on Orion’s team was helpful. I applied for several jobs on my own and did not get any interest, but Orion had me in front of interviewers within a week of calling them. Every single recruiter and account rep I talked to took his or her time to find out about me and was honest about the jobs and company involved. I got great advice, great support, and finally a great job. I don’t know how anyone finds a job in this economy without a service like Orion’s. Thanks!