Project Management Consultant

US Army, O-3

I attended the Chicago Conference and had three interviews. Todd Phillips did an excellent job pairing me with jobs I was interested in, and he continued working with me in advance to prepare me for my interviews.  He worked with me during the conference on interview skills, which reflected during my interviews.  After receiving multiple calls for second interviews, Todd focused on what each company was looking for and the areas I should direct my focus.  Before my third interview, Todd called me to reiterate what IPM was looking for and prepared me to talk about salary and other tough topics.  

I will soon be a Project Management Consultant with IPM. My military background as a platoon leader for 20 months and Assistant S-3 (Plans Officer) provided me with valuable leadership experience.  No other job makes you directly responsible for 40 other people and millions of dollars of equipment directly out of college.  My career provided me with confidence to be able to learn, adapt, and overcome challenges when placed in positions of uncertainty.

Orion did an excellent job of meeting my needs and listening to what I was interested in.  They paired me with three management positions, which was my ideal fit. Orion made it easy to talk with them and made the process easy from the conference to the interviews.