Sales Engineer

US Navy, O-3

I first learned about Orion through word of mouth and a recommendation from a friend and met Chris Demmons a few years ago at a conference. I stayed in contact with Chris and emailed him last November to inquire about potential jobs and upcoming conferences. He referred me to Mike Wood, and Brian Smith had a couple of companies with positions like I what I was looking for. I wanted a sales position in the southeast that included a base salary plus commission, benefits, company car, etc.

I had several interviews scheduled at the hiring conference, and all were with companies offering my ideal sales position. I was pleased with my interviews but extremely confident about one interview in particular. Compatibility with the interviewer was great, and everything just seemed to mesh. 

I was hired as a Sales Engineer by Ellison Technologies, and everything about this company has been a perfect fit for me. The job description, expectations, and any other information provided by Orion were perfect. Just like the military, Ellison Technologies provides all of the tools necessary for success. Also, both organizations invest heavily in training, so you feel confident about their commitment to you. 

Everyone I dealt with at Orion did a great job in providing job descriptions, interview coaching, feedback, resume tips, and any other necessary information. I really appreciate the preparation and frequent communication prior to, during, and after the hiring conference.  A great thing about Orion hiring conferences is that you get feedback the same day, so you're not wondering how you did in the interview for several days or even weeks.     

I initially enlisted in the Navy as a Sonar Technician and then received my commission in 1998. My military background helps me daily in my new career. The leadership skills I obtained in the military were instrumental throughout the interview process and will continue to help me succeed and standout among my peers. The examples are endless, but my military experiences involving communication, diversity, courage, and attention-to-detail have probably helped me the most. Another huge advantage of military service is the fraternity of veterans that are in our civilian workforce. It never ceases to amaze me how often being a veteran can open a line of communication with a potential customer.

What I really like and appreciate about Orion is their courtesy and professionalism while maintaining a low-stress environment. Competitors of Orion just seem to be uptight and create stress during an important, not stressful event. Orion makes you feel like you're among friends.  And I think it's pretty cool that you guys follow-up after the process is over. Thanks for helping me land what I consider a dream job.