Assistant Site Manager

US Army, O-3

As a Company Commander in Iraq, I feel that I gained immense management and leadership expertise that you just can’t get in the civilian world.  When you can say, ‘Hi, I successfully led, managed, and cared for 193 individuals in the middle of a war and completed all missions,’ it gives your experience a lot more weight than similar civilian experience.

My new official title is Assistant Site Manager.  It will be very similar to an XO job in the Army.  Essentially, I’ll be assisting the Site Manager who would be something similar to a Company Commander (in the Army) and preparing to become a Site Manager myself.

Karin Roberts and Jim Freeze did an excellent job.  I never felt pressured to do something I didn’t want to do or didn’t feel comfortable with. Orion cared about whether or not I got a job that I actually wanted.