Long Range Operations Planner

South Central
US Air Force, O-3

Chris Hurst was my recruiter, and he did very well in listening to what I actually wanted to do and where I actually wanted to work. One of my needs was to move to New England to be closer to family while being part of an industry that I knew brought real tangible benefit to people -- and both of those were met.

I attended an Orion Hiring Conference where I interviewed with six companies. Three of those companies had me in for a second interview, and I also had a separate onsite interview with another company. Out of the four on site interviews, I received two offers. I turned down the first one because the line of work was just not what I was looking for after the onsite visit. Later, I received the second offer that I ultimately accepted.

My new job meets all my salary, benefits, culture, position, and location needs. Orion took the time to not only listen to my desires, but actually find me opportunities that matched them. They were not concerned with pushing me to take the first job offered, which is something another recruiting agency did.

My military background prepared me in a multitude of ways for my new civilian job as a Long Range Operations Planner for an electric company, from OSHA and other safety standards to checklist and three-part communication, and particularly in crisis management. The ability to assimilate vast amounts of data, break it down, form a plan, and execute the plan with your team are just a few of these skills, along with the ability to remain calm under pressure and to be an effective communicator. 

I would like to suggest to other veterans that they be prepared financially for a much longer than anticipated lag time between jobs, as having the proper savings will enable you to take the job that fits you best, without being in a hurry. I also would have liked to have begun my search at least six months prior to separation, rather than the three months I had. I was force shaped, so that simply was not an option for me, but, if you know in advance, take advantage and start early.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better fit for my background and education. Being part of a team that adds real tangible value to the world, from bringing power to a new community service center to restoring lost power to a couple thousand customers after a storm, brings me as much joy as flying for my country did.

From initial contact to job offer Orion made my transition from over a decade of military service to the private sector manageable as opposed to chaotic. In particular, I received quality training on the interview process, which is something I never had to experience before. Now when someone asks me "Tell me about yourself" or "Who are you?", I am more than able to respond with a short one-to-two minute elevator speech.