Group Leader

US Army, O-3

Thank you, Mike Wood, and the rest of the Orion team for assisting me in attaining employment.  It has been an excellent and timely experience.  Orion assisted me in attaining the job that was right for me in an extremely timely manner where other agencies were not able to produce a lead towards an initial interview. 

I wish I had known about and contacted Orion when I started my job search.  It took less than a month to be set up with the interviews, do site visits, and receive an offer letter from my current employer.  Prior to being contacted by Orion, I had been submitting application after application for various positions both locally and throughout the nation.  All of which I thought myself fully suited. This tiresome routine of continuous disappointments had persisted for nearly eight months until I received a call from Orion.  The Orion team has certainly provided me with what was most needed at this point in my life, an opportunity.