Project Engineer

US Army, O-3

I am a Captain in the US Army and a Commander of a Unit (518th Port Management Team). Being an Engineer major and in a Transportation Field for the military, I did not think that my jobs coincided or that my experience in either field was related. But thanks to great staff at Orion, the company they linked me with was a perfect fit. Mike Wood understood me better than I understood myself! My experience in Transportation/Logistics and overall cargo management was directly related to a new position I just got an offer for as a Project Engineer at E2M. Thank you so much!

Mike was my recruiter, and I also attended a webinar with Todd Phillips. These guys are great. I was very impressed with the interview webinar with Todd and the level of detail was amazing. I have to thank these guys for the comfort level they provided. I needed a job, and they really cared to help me find the position that not only gave me money now, but one that would benefit me in a long run. Orion made my week, no, my year, so much better!

Orion by far exceeded my needs. Keep doing what you are doing! I have recommended my soldiers to you. Being a veteran, we have a lot of resources that help us find jobs, but your direct involvement was incredible. It honestly made me feel like someone cared for my success, not just temporarily but in a long run with my career. You guys are awesome…