Project Manager

US Marine Corps, O-3

I attended the University of Utah and graduated in 1997 with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering and went on to serve as a Captain in the USMC where I was a Logistics Officer. I began searching for a civilian job at the end of 2005 and came to Orion through a personal reference. I soon saw that Orion was the only organization willing to divorce themselves from the job conference methodology and apply a specialized strategy that fit my time requirements, as well as my career development level. Other groups talked a good game, but in the end took no other action then scheduling me for their latest job conference(s).

My recruiter, Brian Henry, did an excellent job of listening to my specific needs and requirements and then implemented a plan of action for shaping them into the job I have today. He was both professional and a pleasure to work with. Coming into the process with a degree of professional experience prior to my military career meant that the emphasis was put on direct marketing of my resume to companies that fit the profile of my experience and my desired position. The folks at Orion San Diego did an outstanding job of combining my prior experience in the civilian sector and my military service into a marketable package that was relevant to a particular business sector. This strategy was executed with almost flawless precision.

Since results are the measure of success the following applies: Orion set me up on two interviews of which the first I was eventually hired. The position is at an excellent company with a great reputation. The position met my career, salary, and location expectations. Through a process of directly marketing my individual skills, they were able to find me an excellent job as a project manager for a large construction company. Orion couldn't have done a better job at finding a match between an individual with a specialized skill set and company looking to fill a particular position.