Field Technical Sales Representative

US Navy, O-3

Orion definitely met my career needs. I had to stay in a specific city, but wanted a technical sales position that paid well enough that I wouldn't take a pay cut.  All those needs were met, plus I'm entering a field where I already have experience and I'll be able to work from home, both of which I did not expect to occur.

Karin Roberts did an incredible job responding to my job requirements, even though a Nuke who doesn't want to be a Nuke is somewhat of an outlier!  Every time we spoke, I always felt as if I was her only client at the time, because she knew all my dates and company interests like the back of her hand.  It was clear that her top priority was finding the right place for me at her client companies.  I've already recommended her to a number of my friends.

I now have a position as a Field Technical Sales Representative for a water treatment company. The job relies heavily on my ability to work independently and set my own schedule, with very little guidance, and to build relationships with customers so their needs are handled.  The concept of taking the initiative in my duties is something the military taught me, and relationship-building is one of the key tenants of both military leadership and military staff-work.

I really couldn't have been happier with my Orion experience.  The hiring conference preparation was far better than any emailed guide or phone call from other recruiting firms, and Orion team members were always honest in their feedback with resumes and interviews.  It was exactly what I was looking for.