Major Accounts Manager

US Air Force, O-3

Chris Hurst and Todd Phillips, my Orion recruiters, were professional, engaged, and well-acquainted with both my background and my goals.  I was extremely impressed with the personalized attention that I received.  It was obvious that they were personally very familiar with my case—it felt like I was working with someone who knew me for years. Their efforts reflected a desire to find the best match for me...not just what would be quickest or easiest for them.

Orion definitely expedited my process of finding a job.  By narrowing my job search to companies that better understood the value of military experience, I was able to make my job search into a process that was working smarter for me instead of just harder.  Orion was also invaluable in educating me about the job search and interview process, something that was completely foreign to me since my only work experience so far had been in the military. Being able to leverage their knowledge and experience made the whole process faster and easier for me.