Field Manager

US Air Force, O-3

I contacted Orion when I was alerted to the Air Force’s “Force Shaping” lieutenant layoff program, which put my job in jeopardy. Todd Phillips was my main point of contact. I contacted Orion, sent them my resumes, and then attended their hiring conference in Cincinnati. I was surprised at the success that met me. Prior to going to Cincinnati, my job search was turning up empty and disappointing. After the Cincinnati conference, I had three companies interested in further interviews. Two of these companies paid for me to interview onsite a few weeks later, and one ended up meeting my timeline and salary needs. The entire process was rewarding and a welcomed positive experience. I knew I could call Todd at any point in the process, and he took personal interest in helping me find a job that met my professional and personal needs. The entire staff in the Cincinnati office was very helpful and maintained constant communication with me throughout.

I will start my new job on August 1, as a Field Manager for Wayne Homes, and I have no doubt my position will prove to be exactly what I am looking for in job satisfaction. Because of Orion, my dilemma wasn’t finding a job, it was having to select which one I wanted since I had several excellent offers on the table. When I learned that my job in the Air Force was jeopardized because of upcoming layoffs of lieutenants, I knew I needed to plan for the future, because my job security was lost. Orion helped me plan for that future, and I was able to get a job in the location I wanted, with the salary and potential for advancement I desired.

I had experience with a few other job placement agencies that failed to come even close to Orion. Orion’s staff took a personal interest in my success and really did all they could to assure me they were going to help me achieve my employment goals. The staff in Cincinnati was courteous, professional, and I would recommend their services to anybody transitioning from military to civilian life. From the moment I spoke with Todd, he was eager to help me get ready for the job conference, whereas competitors were lethargic, disorganized, and seemed disinterested.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have Orion work for me. When I started looking for jobs, I had absolutely no clue where to begin. Orion helped me focus my search and set me on a path to career success. I am thankful for my experience with the staff in Cincinnati and am eager for the next chapter of my life they helped me begin. I am getting married in July, so the prospect of being an unemployed newlywed after Air Force layoffs was scary. Thanks to Orion, that is a fear I no longer have. My future wife and I now look forward to setting up our home in Ohio.