Shift Supervisor

US Army, O-3

Todd Phillips was my Orion recruiter. I felt like I was treated well by Todd and that he advocated on my behalf. Todd assured that I did not accept just any position just because it was offered. He made sure I was prepared for every interview and assisted me with how to handle any offers or negotiations and what to do after I started my new position.

I attended a hiring conference in January 2011 and had seven first interviews. From those interviews, I had four second interviews and was tendered an offer from those. I did not accept the offer, however, and attended another hiring conference in March. At that conference I had seven more first interviews, two second interviews, and was tendered the offer that I accepted. Orion personnel reviewed the offer with me and shared their guidance and valuable input.

Orion is head and shoulders above the competition and was more assertive with contacting me about opportunities. They were able to match me with opportunities that matched my career goals.  I had a very good experience in my job search with Orion. The hiring conferences were very organized, and the recruiters were very professional and assertive with companies, as well as candid and honest.  I have been referring several people that served in the military to Orion to pursue career opportunities.