Project Manager

US Marine Corps, O-3

I retired as a Limited Duty Officer Captain in the Marine Corps after 23 years of service in August 2009 and began searching for a job as soon as my retirement was approved. I secured a job and was employed while on terminal leave in May 2009. The next year, I was let go from this job as a result of an organizational restructure. Soon after, I started looking for another job.
Todd Philips was my Orion recruiter. He took the time to have several discussions with me about what I was looking for in my next job and made a lot of great observations after reviewing my resume. He was able to take my resume and other information we had discussed and find some great fits for me. He paid special attention to some specific requests and constraints I had regarding my next job.
I attended an Orion Chicago hiring conference and received great information about interviewing techniques and company profiles on the first day. The Account Executives were really knowledgeable about their clients and were able to give me great insight into what prospective employers were looking for during the interview process. Throughout the entire process, Todd and all of the account executives provided great encouragement and really put me at ease for each of my initial interviews.

After the initial interviews on the second day of the hiring conference, Todd and the account executives stayed in constant contact with me and provided lots of honest and constructive feedback. The one company that I was really focused on had an incredibly challenging and thorough three-step interview process, and Todd and kept me informed about where I was in the selection process.

They really did help me get to the next step and ultimately to receive a GREAT offer for what I considered my dream job with a top-notch company. I am now a Project Manager for a consulting firm whose reputation is built on integrity and strong leadership—both of which mirror those things I had become accustomed to in the Marine Corps.
Orion listened to my needs and interests and set up interviews for me with only those companies that were a fit with almost all of my requirements, interests and background. The other two firms with which I worked lacked that attention to detail and preparedness, and I felt less than satisfied with not only the companies I was matched up with, but with my level of enthusiasm and prospects for employment. I turned down one offer through one of those firms from a less that desirable company that wasn't a good fit for me and wasn't extended an offer from two other companies, because their needs and vision weren't a match with my personality and experience.
For anyone who is leaving the military, regardless of where you are in your career, I recommend you reach out to Orion as soon as you've made that decision. Orion's recruiters are top notch. They know their clients, take the time to know you, and will always find you the absolute best fit with potential employers. They care about your future as much as you do, and the account executives are selfless when weighing your needs against their commissions.