Advanced Management Partner

US Air Force, O-3

JP Sniffen was my Orion recruiter, and he was simply amazing.  He was very patient with me during my recalls back to active duty and the extended time it took for me to get serious about finding a job.  JP definitely listened to my goals and needs and was very responsive to them. 

My process with Orion was fairly long due to my remaining on Active Duty longer that I originally planned.  I started working with Orion in 2007 but remained on Active Duty. I then contacted Orion in 2009 in order to re-start my career search, but ended up getting sent on a deployment to Afghanistan.  In 2010, I returned from the deployment and immediately went to a conference in Seattle. 

While I was not hired through that conference, I was shortly thereafter placed with Cintas. I am now in an Advanced Management Partner position with Cintas.  The biggest parallel between my career in the military and my new position is leading teams and becoming a subject matter expert on new information/technology quickly. My military background as an Acquisitions Officer in the Air Force gave me a well-rounded approach to leadership. I learned how to lead highly specialized teams, from the front, during difficult operations and how to be a Project Manager responsible for developing complex R&D programs. Also, both my military and civilian careers require excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to drive teams toward success, and a willingness to learn new information about your profession.

Orion went over the top for me, and I am definitely appreciative. They were much more concerned about my needs than the competition.  Some of the competitors were more apt to take a shotgun approach and hope that one of the jobs stuck.  Other competitors were more interested in locking me into their approach to finding a corporate position.  Orion was right in the middle, creating realistic job opportunities and providing effective training for landing a job.