Project Engineer II

US Army, O-3

I separated from the Army as a Captain in May 2010 and began my career search in February 2010. At Orion, I worked with JP Sniffen. I feel that JP worked hard at matching my interests and experience with something that I would be happy with after leaving the military.

I attended two Orion Seattle Hiring Conferences, one of which produced a follow-up interview.  I also participated in the Distinguished Candidate Conference in San Diego, which led to the position I now hold. My new position is as a Project Engineer II with Marcon Engineering. 

This position holds several parallels to my experience in the Army.  I am working on construction projects with the military and producing several products that I reviewed while in the Army. I feel that my experience as an Engineer within the military provided a great starting point for my new career.  Working within the construction field in the Army provides a lot of useful knowledge and great experience that transfers well to construction in the civilian world.

I worked with other military recruiting agencies throughout my transition process and feel that Orion worked the hardest to find something I was happy with and was the most interactive and personable of the companies.  I was not treated as a dollar sign by the people at Orion, whereas at Orion’s competitors, I felt like all that mattered to the recruiters and account executives was the commission received upon my hiring.  I really enjoyed this feeling and still talk with several members of the Orion team now. I enjoyed working with Orion and would be happy to recommend Orion to others leaving the military.