Production Supervisor

US Marine Corps, O-3

I left the Marines in June 2007, where I was a Captain (O-3), Communications/Signals Officer, and went directly to work for a large pharmaceutical company as a sales rep.  I began my latest job search in February 2009 when I was "de-selected" in a company-wide layoff. I was aware of Orion International from my time in the Marines, so when I was faced with another job search, I used their services.

Mike Wood was my recruiter.  I was very impressed and pleased, by the treatment I received from Mike.  I contacted him after I was laid-off. This was at a time when the job market was probably at its worst.  Mike was honest and painted a clear picture of the considerable pre-existing challenges in the job market, but he remained dedicated during the search and provided sound guidance for a successful job hunt. 

Most importantly, he listened to me, and he acted on my input.  I had a USMC and pharmaceutical sales background, and I needed to get a good job within a few months after my recent lay-off.  If only sales positions were available, I would take another sales position, but I knew (and told Mike) that I really wanted to get back into an operations-style career.  Again, Mike listened and produced as many paths as possible during a very challenging time. 

Mike kept providing options, rather than limitations.  He presented some solid sales positions that could have been a good fit, but he also stayed focused on my true desire to get back into ops, and, ultimately, he presented me with my the Production Supervisor position at Covidien.  Mike could have taken the easy route and just stuck me with sales positions, as I was most qualified for sales, but he really listened to me and found what I was looking for: a career transition from sales to operations. And he did it when there were very few opportunities in the shrinking job market!  It was great work. I am very appreciative of the extraordinary efforts by Mike and the Orion team.

Orion listened to me.  When the job market was bad, they did not use it as an excuse; they took on the challenge and dug up opportunities that fit my career desires.  The competition simply said, "This is what we currently have—that's it: take it or leave it..." I was worried that I would be set aside or treated as a low priority, like I had with these other firms, because two years had passed since I departed the Marines, not to mention that fact that I was laid-off from my previous employer. But, in actuality, I received first-class treatment from Mike and the Orion team. I feel like I have started a new, better-fitting career with a great company.  Thank you!