Supply Chain Manager

US Army, O-3

I learned about Orion International from fellow officers who were using their services.  They came highly recommended, so I went ahead with their recruiting services after taking a look at their website and speaking with a recruiter. I came to Orion after having served in the U.S. Army from 2003 until 2008. 

My last rank held on Active Duty was Captain.  The most notable positions I held before I separated were Battalion Maintenance Officer (Platoon leader position), Battalion S4 Logistical Officer, and Brigade Maintenance Control Officer (Staff position).  I filled these positions both in Garrison and during my two tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I believe these positions helped me prepare for my civilian career.  The operational tempo in the military helped me quickly adjust to a new and fast paced work environment.  The civilian world moves in a much more “deliberate” or paced way, and my drive to perform quickly and effectively helped me differentiate myself from my civilian counterparts.

I also found that my time working with and leading large groups enabled me to acclimate quickly to the cross-functional groups in the civilian structure.  In my industry, negotiations with suppliers are very important.  My time in the military gave me some of the tools, such as aggressiveness and confidence, which drive my meetings and produces positive results.
Chris Hurst was my Orion recruiter.  He was a consummate professional at all times and helped me determine where I would best leverage my education and experience for a successful career in the civilian world. Orion provided me with all the company and interview preparation that I wanted or needed and was able to answer all of my questions in a timely and professional manor. 

The hiring conference I attended was full of some of the best companies in the U.S., and Orion helped me to decide which company positions fit me best. They provided timely feedback on all my interviews and gave seasoned advise on what opportunities could be fruitful and what to expect moving forward.
My new position is with Ametek, a technology manufacturer.  I was hired as the Materials Analysis Division Supply Chain Manager.  I report directly to the General Manager (GM) of the Division, which is a VP level.  My current position is more about improving existing systems than creating new ones and “putting out fires”, which seemed to me the standard during my time in the military. 

The military positions I have held were more about creating tangible benefits, like repairing vehicles or resupplying soldiers.  While my civilian position is more about reducing costs, creating savings through negotiations, and leveraging volume, competencies, and sourcing abroad by creating contracts and partnerships with global suppliers.  The pressure is still high in the civilian world to reach your goals, and the compensation for being successful is much more performance-based ensuring co-workers have the right incentives to perform to the best of their ability.
Orion International is a very competitive recruiting firm.  They can put you in front of some great companies.   Orion was very responsive and always got back to me and addressed my questions.  The competition, while also able to put you in front of some great companies, sometimes did not provide timely feedback or allow me the flexibility to determine what companies I wanted to pursue. 

I appreciated the candid advice I received from the Orion recruiters and Account Executives who knew their clients, as well as their candidate’s core competencies. They knew what made a great partnership between an employer and an employee, which greatly facilitated interviews and follow ups.  I always felt that other recruiting firms would adopt a more “trial and error” approach to the hiring process, while Orion always seemed to get the right people where they needed to be and stood behind their recommendations.  Orion definitely stands out as the best in a highly competitive market.  I would use them again if the time ever came.