Sales Engineer

US Air Force, O-3

I have been at my job since August 2008 and love my new job. This job and this company are absolutely perfect for my skill sets, goals, and personality. Orion was ‘spot on’ when they matched me with them. I was telling my wife the other day that it seems like every day I go to work, I come home more excited that I took this job. That's very unusual! Thanks again and again.

When I first approached Orion about attending a hiring conference, I'd already been working in the civilian market for six or seven years after leaving the military. Although I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do next, I did have rather specific geographic preferences. Landing this job for me involved a real team effort from Orion.

Rob Gumpper was very patient with me. He did a great job finding opportunities that matched my skill sets, experience, and career goals. Mike Starich's feedback and coaching before and after my initial interviews boosted my confidence. And finally, during the second interview process, Ed Voelsing worked behind the scenes and was very instrumental in helping close the deal for me. Thank you to the whole Orion team!