Program Manager

US Army, O-3

I served as Army Infantry Captain and was medically boarded in 2003 due to an ankle injury, after which I spent three years in the financial sales sector. By November 2006, I was sick of sales and decided to quit. I spent eight months trying to find employment in my home town in California.

I then began to work with Orion International and JP Sniffen. They treated me very well. His team (JP, Katrina Ross, and Genna Clough) understood what I wanted to do and looked for those opportunities. What I liked best is that they are not "Yes-Men or -Women." They will give you their honest opinion and tell you what you need to hear, which is not always what you want to hear.

Having spent such a long time looking for work (almost a year) before utilizing Orion, I was getting discouraged with the whole process. I hated online applications, because my future would become lost in the world of digits. When I began to work with Orion, I attended two hiring conferences, which were excellent. I came out of those conferences excited for the first time in almost year about my opportunities. The first conference went well, but, unfortunately, the perfect fit wasn't there. The second conference, I had four solid options and ended up having multiple offers.

Orion is so much better than any of the other events I went to. A lot of them were just big job fairs. You got a couple bags of goodies and were then told to apply online. Orion is your Sherpa. They do the bulk of the work. They find the opportunities that fit you, and they find companies who are ready to pull the trigger and hire someone. They also provide peace of mind by giving updates regarding the current situation during the awkward time between interview and decision. I am only disappointed I didn't go with Orion earlier. I would have saved a lot of my savings account!