US Air Force, O-3

I was a Captain in United States Air Force when I began to search for employment through various recruiting firms while stationed overseas. Unfortunately, no one would return my calls or emails. Upon returning to the States, I continued my career search and dealt with other recruiters that, once again, led nowhere. Finally, I contacted all my friends and associates in the hopes that one of them could point me in the right recruiting direction.

In response, one of my friends recommended Orion International. I must admit that I took the recommendation lightly at first, as I was already working with several other recruiters with expertise in the placing of military veterans. It turns out I was lucky to have been told about the Orion team. Rob Gumpper, my recruiter, treated me with respect and sincerity. I also dealt with others at Orion who would contact me about career/employment opportunities. Everyone worked together to help their client—me!

The Orion Hiring Conferences and interviews I attended were paramount to my success in placement. The process was extremely professional and comforting. The Orion hiring conference is the best, bar none! I am currently in an ideal position with a construction/engineering firm, where I am working my way to becoming a Project Manager. I had lost all hope of starting my career in Project Management until Orion found a way and made it happen. Action not just words! Orion not only met my needs but exceeded them where others failed. Orion’s competition pales in comparison. In fact, Orion does not compare; they surpass!

I am extremely happy with my placement and would highly recommend Orion to any and all veterans. Orion appreciates and understands veterans, while better fulfilling their requests. They are better suited for this type of placement because most of the staff at Orion are veterans themselves. Orion has changed my life!