First Line Supervisor

US Army, O-3

The last position I held in the military was Company Executive Officer, Captain, Army Armor Corps. I was last stationed in Baumholder, Germany. Orion International came to my attention through my ACAP office when I officially separated from the military in February 2007, but I did not pursue using them until December 2007.

Katrina Ross was my recruiter. She was definitely working beyond the typical 9-5, because she gave my case such detailed attention. When I thought about all the other candidates she must represent, I knew she was a very committed person and was genuinely interested in all of our success. She listened very intently, retained surprisingly small details about my concerns and goals, and, based on her 8pm phone calls to me, I knew she was working very hard around the clock to consider my needs and find the best courses of action for me.

The Orion hiring process was very fast. Once I contacted them, I attended the next available hiring conference, and Orion scheduled interviews with the companies I was interested in the most. When I was contacted for second interviews, Orion provided advice above and beyond the interview classes that were already offered. This was instrumental to my success. I obtained an offer within the month!

I will hold a position that will require extensive planning and organization comparable to that required at my last job in the Army. I didn't know exactly what type of job I was looking for when I contacted Orion, but I knew when this company presented itself at the conference, I wanted to be part of their team. Orion has exceeded my expectations and provided me with the opportunity to begin a new career in less than one month. Thank you for your efforts and your help! I hope Orion recognizes the great efforts of Katrina!