Project Manager

US Army, O-3

When I first started thinking about finding a job as I was transitioning out of the military, the task seemed very daunting and frustrating.  I would sit at my computer for hours at a time sending out resumes into the ether without ever getting a reply.  Six months later, I'm just now starting to receive replies to some of my initial job inquiries online.  Then I heard about companies who work solely with veterans to aid them in their transition.  I worked with several of these companies, and Orion was not only the most helpful, but also the most proactive and results-driven.    By fate, I had the opportunity to attend one of the Orion hiring conferences in Chicago at the last minute, and, though I was mostly unprepared, I managed to interview successfully with seven companies in one day, which equaled seven more interviews than I received in two months of trying solely online.  Orion did a fantastic job preparing me for the interviews, providing me with a basic rundown of the companies, and answering any specific questions I had.  Todd Phillips particularly impressed me, both for his candor and professional advice, as well as his ability to handle all of the minute details of the hiring conference with aplomb.  He worked hard and long hours ensuring that all of the Veterans at the conference put their best foot forward, and it absolutely made a difference.

 I am incredibly thankful to Todd and the staff at Orion for helping me secure a fantastic job that allows me to make a seamless transition to the civilian workforce while offering me greater financial benefits than I was receiving as a Captain in the Army.  I wholeheartedly recommend using Orion to any Veteran who is transitioning out of the service, and I am forever indebted to Todd and the rest of the staff who helped make my transition, which could have been one of the most stressful times of my life, a positive and truly rewarding experience.