Sales Executive

US Navy, O-3

I had known about Orion International prior to beginning my terminal leave in July 2007, but my experience with Bill Fitzgerald, my original recruiter, convinced me they are the best. Bill was a great help during my transition into corporate America. JP Sniffen was also great in leading his team with the highest level of professionalism.

In July 2007, I attended an Orion hiring conference and got follow-up interviews with six out of the seven companies with whom I originally spoke. Orion assisted me in narrowing down my choices to the three on which I should focus. All the companies were incredible, though. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the companies from which I had to choose.

Thanks to the Orion hiring conference I attended, I will be a Sales Executive for Lakewood Pathology. I could not have found a job that is a better fit for me. Orion gave me the opportunity to transition with great ease and excitement about my new future. The stories of stress that I have heard about transitioning out of the Navy simply did not apply to me, because I had help from Orion.

I would love to thank Bill, JP, and Jennifer Terrell for being the best at what they do. I would recommend Orion International to any officer that wants to get started on the right foot in corporate America. What a great group of people!!!