Route Manager

US Marine Corps, O-3

Considering that I do not officially separate from the USMC until November 2007, it feels awfully nice to know I have a job waiting for me already. This is thanks to Orion International, a company that was brought to my attention by a military colleague of mine. Without Orion, I would not have landed a job...They were awesome.

JP Sniffen treated me like a rock star. He was proactive and was as serious about my pursuit of a new career as I was. JP is actually sort of "the man." He was able to give me individualized service while dealing with many, many people both inside of and outside of Orion. The whole staff was flexible and looked out for me down to the details.

Like many transitioning military, I had forgotten how to tie a tie after wearing cammies for eight years. To my surprise, Orion even had someone to help me out with this technical issue the day of the hiring conference. Once it actually came time for the interviews, I kept JP’s instruction in mind. He had said to listen to every one of the employers and not to take yourself out of the running.

Often, companies rule people out due to their resume alone, but JP was telling us NOT to do the same based on a company's name or the job description. I am happy I took JP’s advice, because, if I hadn’t, I might have passed on Waste Management. They are a Fortune 200 Company that will provide a stable work environment with good prospects. The people at Waste Management are awesome, as well.

My experience with Orion and their competitors can best be likened to the story the “The Three Little Bears.” Orion is "not too hot, not too cold, but juuuuuuuust right!" One recruiting firm was too hands off and really pushed people into the jobs that were not a match for the candidate--seemingly for the sole purpose of volume. Another recruiting agency was too selective in considering jobs for me, which I didn’t appreciate because I was really open to various new careers. Orion was definitely "the right fit!”