Sales Account Executive

US Army, O-3

Orion International is clearly first-class in the JMO placement service community. After speaking with my candidate recruiter, Katrina Ross, I met with several of the account executives at Orion to discuss various career opportunities. Following these meetings, one of the account executives coordinated an interview for me with SunGard Availability Services. From this point, he guided me through the follow-up interview, HR interview, and finally the offer process. Orion did a superb job of preparing me for the entire interview process from start to finish. I felt like the company always had my best interests at heart. Each of the Orion's representatives took into account my professional, personal, and geographic preferences and found positions that perfectly matched my needs. Rather than scoff at my location needs, Orion went out and found opportunities in my geographical region of preference. Orion did a great job of meeting my needs and making me feel important!