Sales Executive

US Army, O-3

I went through a very simple and streamlined process with Orion. After initial contact with Jim Freeze, I began working with Mike Wood. Mike planned for me to attend a hiring conference, but, due to my location restrictions, I did not attend. Shortly thereafter, Mike set up an interview with Siemens. I did the interview, as well as the follow up interview, and accepted Siemens offer later the next week. I interviewed with one company, and it was a fit. This crushed my expectations, and I attribute this experience to the Orion team for coaching, directing, and understanding me.

When I began working with Orion, Jim not only asked me what I wanted but also informed me of other options I previously had not considered. My initial resistance to ‘sales’ was short-sighted, and Jim was able to explain the ins and outs of sales in a way that opened my eyes. I see parallels to my military career every day. The process of targeting a local National for information collection or influence in a combat zone is very similar to targeting a customer. You MUST understand them. This includes their background and sources of motivation. The end result is very different but the process is very similar.

Orion met my career needs without a doubt. And I enjoyed the flexibility of a no-contract relationship. I wanted the flexibility to search on my own and Orion provided that.