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Position ID: # EB-1740031902
Date Posted: 9/2/2022 11:50:12 AM
Location: Nashville, TN
Job Type: Full Time
Salary (USD): $100,000 - $100,000

Job Description

Position: Lead Construction Manager (start as soon as possible)

Position Description: Through direct supervision and by exercising independent judgment effectively and efficiently manage the on-site construction process, resulting in a home that is at or above company quality standards, delivered on time and within budget. Establish and maintain effective subcontractor relations. Provide customer communication to homebuyers on a weekly basis, which results in a high level of customer satisfaction. Safely manage the work site and ensure compliance with all safety and environmental regulations. Mentoring but also learning from others and sharing ideas to the way we advance our business and individuals within the company.

Location: Nashville, TN
Salary: $100k plus $40 a month cell phone allowance
Shift: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

• Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management preferred but not required
• 5 or more years of residential construction experience (minimum 2 years in a custom home building capacity)
• Proven track record in scheduling, ordering, field supervision & quality control
• Excellent people and problem-solving skills
• Microsoft Office 365 and scheduling software experience
• Effectively work with managers, employees, subcontractors, and vendors of all levels to foster positive work production and customer relations

• Thoroughly explain the documented construction process to customers to set expectations early. Maintain expectations through timely execution and weekly communication throughout the process.
• Conduct Pre-Construction meetings with customers. Use your professional knowledge to make suggestions that will improve the job in matters such as positioning the house, tree removal, and finishing floor heights.
• Review Job Schedules with the Project Manager to assure that the activities are complete and in the desired sequence.
• Assure that the start of construction date per the job schedule is met.
• Meet construction time frames as created by Job Schedules.
• Update schedules daily.
• Verify the Construction Manager Start Package is complete.
• Read and understand the plans and every item on the Job Selections Report. Cross-check the plans with the job selections for completeness and make red mark notes on the plan as a reminder of work required by the job selections. Maintain a binder or electronic file per job with all information.
• Confirm critical dimensions on the plans as they are job checked. For example, footing dimensions, plumbing stub out locations, electrical stub out locations, under slab venting, slab recesses, door and window openings, exterior wall dimensions and heights, interior framing, etc.
• As needed by phase, layout specific details with subcontractors before the commencement of work to minimize errors or callbacks due to subcontractor oversight.
• Assure that homes are built according to plans and job selections and that the quality of workmanship is equal to or better than model quality. Assure the complete use of the ARH Scope of Work, Construction Practices and Tolerances, and Production Checklists to achieve Zero Defect by Phase.
• Conduct Frame & Electrical Walk inspection with customer. Point out the locations of electrical fixtures, critical plan items, options, and any other important features. Review Change Orders with Customers
• Maintain a regularly scheduled weekly communication, through emails and phone calls, with the customer on construction progress and status. Provide photos and job schedules
• When customers request a change at a job site meeting, relay the information to the Project Manager for pricing. A signed change order must be received, and a purchase order must be issued to the proper vendor prior to additional work being started.
• Request POs and/or issue POs prior to ordering material or assigning any additional work. No work or materials were ordered without a PO number.
• Be responsible for the management of materials including verification of delivery quantities and returns as well as protection of material on the job site.
• Maintain clean job sites. It is the subcontractors’ responsibility to clean up after himself/herself per the scope of work.
• Assure a job site for everyone. Keep a copy of the Safety Manual in your vehicle. Conduct safety meetings with attendance records as scheduled within the Safety Program.
• Achieve Zerofect by Phase by inspecting all work by subcontractors and ensuring the work is completed 100% and at or above company standards.
• Find new Subcontractor and Supplier candidates and recommend them to the Project Manager or the Purchasing Manager. Replace subcontractors that won’t meet ARH policies and/or quality standards.
• Conduct the final walk-through and home demonstration and manage the Gold Standard Closing process. A Gold Standard closing is a home that is delivered with five or fewer cosmetic items outstanding at the time of closing, which are completed within 15 calendar days.
• Follow up as necessary with customers after closing to handle any post-closing concerns. This follow-up should be no less than once per week for a minimum of four weeks. The purpose is to schedule any vendors on the spot with the customer.
• Be available to mentor other construction managers and office personnel
• Assist in problem-solving any construction or subcontractor issues on any company job.

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