Process Engineer

US Coast Guard, O-3

I cannot recommend or praise Orion more strongly; I simply do not have the words. Before I was in contact with Orion, I had been working with a different recruiting firm for two weeks and had applied to over 30 positions online at the major job boards with only one phone screen.

I got the call at 4 pm from Josh Williamson at Orion. Within 15 minutes, I had three position descriptions in my Inbox, one of which was a perfect career match at a terrific company with amazing salary and benefits in my wife's hometown. The second day after the initial phone call, I had two in-person interviews scheduled for the following week, and six days later, I had a job offer.

That's a total of 14 days from first call to job offer! I had a few interviews before and after the position I accepted, and I know with certainty, it was the targeted interview coaching of Shane Bishop that gave me the confidence to absolutely nail the interview. If you are considering which recruiter to use, stop thinking and call Orion now!