"I worked with pressure vessels in the Navy, and now I inspect them. The Navy taught me attention to detail, self-reliance, motivation and problem solving. These skills are fundamental to the work I do with HSB.

In less than three years I've progressed to the next Inspector level, and I'm working closely with my supervisor to achieve the next step in my career. HSB's upper management is committed to employee development, technological advances, safety and innovation. Everyone I've had the pleasure of working with is dedicated to the company and reflects the corporate culture.

Working from home for a great company that treats employees well and has a strong culture of inclusion has been the most rewarding thing about my career." - James Carr

"HSB has a long track record of success and has played a meaningful role in society. They have an exceptional benefits package with competitive pay. You'll even get paid as you train." - John Kneupper

"There is more to a career than the salary. Tangible benefits are great, but it is only the icing on the cake. At HSB, I have the freedom to create my own schedule, leading to a stress-free career." - Kyle Hughes

"Working for HSB, I get the daily reward of knowing I leave customers feeling more confident about the safety of their operations. My experience with Navy vessels was a must-have for joining the company as an Inspector.

As an Inspector, it's common knowledge that travel will be involved. HSB gives me advance notice and has even shortened trips to accommodate my family life. I would absolutely recommend HSB as a place for fellow veterans to work!" - Logan Decker

"Prior to being employed with HSB I did not have a degree. Over the past 5 years I have completed my Bachelors of Science in Political Science and my Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Since joining HSB I've been promoted quickly. I was hired as a Loss Control Inspector in 2012 and in less than 3 years I was promoted to Field Service Supervisor.

The flexibility and salary that HSB offers are very rewarding. I do not believe that there is any other job that's as flexible as being a remote employee. HSB is a great company to work for primarily because of the people I work with. Upper management is great too!" - Timothy Houk

"My career has progressed at HSB very quickly because I was highly motivated and had excellent mentors. My mentors and supervisor have been eager to pass on their knowledge and are always available when I have a question.

In my current role, I have a flexible schedule and am highly autonomous, which I love. I have an amazing supervisor and my co-workers are always pleasant to work with. I get to visit different locations every day and am always learning something new." - Arom Campbell