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Army Logistics Officer


Bachelor of Science, Military Science | 2011
Calvary Bible College, Kansas City, MO


United States Army | 2012 - Present

Assistant Operations and Training Officer | 2015 - Present

  • Support the Director of Operations in planning, coordinating, and managing training for over 400 soldiers within the organization. Track and maintain all company training calendars and statistics; ensure compliance with the CEO's Quarterly Training Guidance.
  • Oversaw the integration of $2.9M worth of new communication updates for the organization's ground equipment; ensured no losses and project completion one month ahead of schedule.
  • Coordinated multiple support missions for several large-scale operations; allowed for successful training and completion of eight different exercises and operations.
  • Planned and tracked the execution of multiple dislocated field training exercises, convoy operations, and weapons ranges.

Company Executive Officer | 2014 - 2015

  • As Executive Officer of a logistics support company consisting of 106 soldiers, managed all administrative functions, maintenance, inventory, and training programs.
  • Assisted in planning, forecasting and managing assets valued at $24M as well as an annual budget of $630K.
  • Successfully deployed and redeployed 88 soldiers to the Joint Readiness Training Center; increased unit deployable availability rate from 75% to 95%.
  • Revamped administrative tracking of awards, evaluations, and medical readiness; reduced rate of late evaluations and awards by 65%.

Warehouse Manager | 2013 - 2014

  • Managed the requisition, receipt, storage, issue, inventory, and retrograde of supplies and equipment for several organizations and 5,700 soldiers.
  • Instructed, trained, and supervised 35 soldiers on supply systems policies, practices, and functional procedures.
  • Maintained inventory list of over 2,800 pieces of equipment collectively worth approximately $8M; ensured zero losses in accountability.
  • Synchronized and oversaw the organization's transition from the old Standard Army Retail Supply System to a new enterprise resource planning system.
  • Conducted detailed supply analysis and operational procedure revisions; resulted in a 32% increase in customer satisfaction.

Transportation/Distribution Manager | 2013

  • Managed a supply and transportation team consisting of 42 soldiers and $6M worth of equipment. Forecasted availability of petroleum products, ammunition/explosives, repair parts, engineering supplies, food, and water for an organization of 814 employees.
  • As Transportation Supervisor, ensured that the department was successfully prepared to deploy 814 soldiers, 109 vehicles, and ancillary equipment within an 18-hour notification sequence.
  • Implemented new convoy operation procedures; resulted in reduction of average convoy times by 17%.
  • As Environmental Supervisor, achieved first division-wide compliance with OSHA and Environmental Standards in the entire organization.

Maintenance Control Officer | 2012 - 2013

  • Managed a maintenance support team consisting of 48 soldiers and $4.3M worth of equipment. Supervised and managed logistical maintenance support for a 722-person organization and a fleet of vehicles, weapons, and optics valued in excess of $117M.
  • Increased the organization's operational equipment readiness rate from 71% to 99%.
  • Rewrote and established a new maintenance program; decreased customer wait time by 22%.
  • Rated as the best Logistics Supervisor in the company on Annual Evaluation Report.