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Aviation Electrician


  • AC/DC Motors
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Maintenance Safety
  • Compass Calibration
  • CDI/Shift supervisor
  • Aviation Safety
  • AC/DC Generators/Controls
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Soldering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Microsoft Office
  • AC/DC Circuits
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Problem Solving
  • Schematic Analyzing
  • Digital Electronics


United States Navy | 2012 - Present
Tinker AFB, OK

Aviation Electrician

  • Troubleshoot, maintain, and repair all electrical and electro-mechanical systems on the E-6B aircraft including the following: electrical power systems, electro-mechanical actuators and valves, avionics, flight instrument systems, flight control systems, power plants, hydraulics, pneumatics, interior and exterior lighting, fuel systems, pitot-static, autopilot/flight director, aircraft ground operations and servicing, HAZMAT control.
  • Experienced avionics and electrical components installer with the ability to work in confined spaces and perform difficult maintenance tasks.
  • Perform routine, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks and inspections of aircraft with a focus on discrepancy identification, corrosion detection, and quality control.
  • Utilize operating manuals, schematics, publications, diagrams and other data for use in troubleshooting, routine, scheduled, and unscheduled maintenance, training, and parts procurement.
  • Operate various test and diagnostic equipment related to the maintenance of aircraft electrical systems, including necessary ground support equipment.
  • Train all squadron personnel on procedures to handle a thermal runaway, chemical spill related to batteries, ESD, and FOD.
  • Provide weekly technical training and constant on-the-job training to aircraft electricians of varying levels of experience.
  • Successfully qualified four electricians as Collateral Duty Inspectors and seven Work Center Supervisors.
  • Successfully signed off 97 work orders involving 703 man-hours.

Collateral Duty Inspector

  • Performed work center and program audits resulting in improved aircraft up-time and safer maintenance and training procedures.
  • Performed detailed inspections of aircraft for quality control purposes and verification of procedures in tasks related to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance inspections.
  • Provided technical expertise to production/maintenance Sailors to facilitate greater mission accomplishment and essential training.
  • As a Representative of Quality Assurance, was responsible for identifying and analyzing discrepancy trends and provided solutions to improve maintenance procedures when discrepancies or negative trends were discovered.
  • Inspected all maintenance performed on the aircraft to ensure security and operational status.


Electrical Connector / Wire Bindle Repair | 2013
Tinker AFB, OK

E-6B Electrical and Instrument Systems | 2013
Tinker AFB, OK

AE A1 Strand, Aviation Electrician's Mate Course | 2013
NAS Pensacola, FL

Aviation Warfare Apprentice Training | 2013
NAS Pensacola, FL

AE Apprentice Technical Training | 2012
NAS Pensacola, FL