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Navy Aviation Mechanic


  • NP2000 8 Blade Propeller Systems
  • NALCOMIS OOMA Quality Assurance
  • OOMA Maintenance Records
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inspections


United States Navy | 1996 - 2016

Quality Assurance Representative | 2014 - 2016
Norfolk, VA

  • Contributed to 38 maintenance programs passing grades during an annual aviation maintenance inspection; ensured maintenance across 12 multifunctional workshops in accordance with written processes and instructions.
  • As Technical Directive Program Manager, implemented and tracked over 200 service notices in support of ongoing flight operations and support equipment maintenance.

Power Plant Branch Supervisor | 2010 - 2014
Norfolk, VA

  • Supervised 51 personnel in performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on 23 E-2C, E-2D and C-2A aircrafts.
  • Managed and monitored 39 naval aviation maintenance programs and performed quality assurance inspections on 23 C-2A, E-2C and E-2D aircrafts in accordance with written procedures.
  • Completed 12,115 upkeep maintenance actions, 220 special inspections, and 1,023 unscheduled inspections on 23 E-2C, C-2A and E-2D aircrafts.
  • Replaced five T56-A-425/427 engines, 10 propeller pump housings, four NP2K propeller assemblies and 27 NP2K blade assemblies.
  • Removed and reinstalled two T56-A-427A engines and replaced defective components.
  • Assembled, installed, maintained, repaired, aligned, calibrated and tested equipment related to the T-56 series engine and E-2C, C-2A and E-2D systems and system components.
  • Supervised three E-2D Collateral Duty Inspectors, 15 Final Checkers, 15 Fuel Surveillance and Oil Consumption Technicians; accelerated transition of the first deployable E-2D Power Plants Work Center.
  • Qualified two Quality Assurance Representatives, five E-2C/C-2A/E-2D Low Power Turn Operators, four Collateral Duty Inspectors, 58 Hydraulic Contamination Control Technicians, and 60 Final Checkers.
  • Completed inspections for over 100 maintenance actions on wings, fuselages, tails, control surfaces, landing gears and control surface actuators/linkages.
  • Performed engine removal and reinstallations on engine control units, communications equipment, cables, wiring and fuel, hydraulic and oil systems.
  • Completed visual inspections, including foreign object damage inspections, involving small defects and small parts.
  • Updated aircraft logbooks during phase inspections, major component removal and replacement, and pre- and post-flight inspections.
  • Qualified 113 Fleet Replacement Pilots, 86 Naval Flight Officers, and 19 Aircrewmen; achieved an 80% Sortie Completion Rate.

Safety Technician | 2007 - 2010
Norfolk, VA

  • As Quality Assurance Inspector, responsible for the initial setup of 16 maintenance work shops.
  • Operated aircraft engine test facilities in order to test and evaluate engine performance.
  • Trained and qualified three engine test cell facility operators; ensured work shop staff maintained updated carrier qualifications.
  • Evaluated and isolated malfunctions and performed mechanical and electrical repairs to equipment during 32 engine performance runs on two engine models; achieved an 88% Sortie Completion Rate.
  • Managed 18 Navy Occupational Safety and Health programs and tracked 1,525 ship-wide safety and equipment discrepancies; resulted in an 85% overall evaluation score during an annual inspection.

Test Cell Operator and Maintainer | 2004 - 2007
Norfolk, VA

  • Managed 10 personnel in performing scheduled, unscheduled, test and check maintenance on seven engine models.
  • Evaluated and isolated malfunctions and performed mechanical and electrical repairs to equipment during 50 engine performance runs on seven engine models; accumulated over 1,000 maintenance hours and achieved a 98% Sortie Completion Rate.
  • Interpreted technical documentation, including schematics and wiring diagrams, during an engine teardown, creation and testing.

Maintenance Crew Leader | 2001- 2004
Norfolk, VA

  • Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on 150 T56-A-425/427 engines and performed installation, repair, and calibration during engine test cell functional testing.
  • Removed and replaced quick engine change assemblies, reduction gearboxes and power sections; facilitated the upkeep and troubleshooting of fuel, oil and hydraulic system components.
  • Instructed 15 junior personnel in the proper maintenance procedures associated with engine induction, teardown, parts-ordering, documentation, and test cell engine performance runs.
  • Achieved a zero engine backlog for the first time in seven years and led all T56 intermediate maintenance production facilities in the Navy; awarded Atlantic Fleet Letters of Commendation for superior performance on two separate occasions.

Lead Aircraft Mechanic | 1996 - 2001
Norfolk, VA

  • Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on seven engine models and auxiliary power units.
  • Processed 5,017 oil and hydraulic samples while leading eight personnel in the repair, test and issue of 113 jet aircraft engines for 18 battle group customers; maintained a 94% repair rate.


Aeronautical Technical Publications Library Management | 2015

Aircraft Confined Space Program | 2014

Aircraft Engine Mechanic 3000-hour Apprenticeship | 2012

Category 3 Crane Training | 2011

Test Cell Operator and Maintainer Training | 2007

General Crane Safety and Phase I Operator Pettibone Crane Training | 2002

Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Repairman Training | 1998

T56-A-425/427 E Engine Second Degree Intermediate Maintenance Technician Training

E-2D Aircraft Systems Organizational Career Maintenance Technician Training

E-2C Group I/II T56-A-427 Power Plant and Related Systems Career Organizational Maintenance Training

E-2C Group II Systems Career Organizational Maintenance Technician Training