Ernie Ayala, Quality Engineer, Siemens Energy

Ernie Ayala

Quality Engineer, Siemens Energy

"I transitioned from the Navy after 20 years Active Duty service and two years Reserve. During my time in the military, I served as an Electrician, Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman, and Gunner's Mate. To say that I like improving myself through education is an understatement - I hold two Associate's degrees from Coastline Community College, and a BS from Southern Illinois University in Electronic Systems Technologies. I am currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Houston.
Because of my great experience previously with Orion, I knew who to turn to when I wanted to make a career change. I was extremely prepared thanks to the transitioning programs offered by Orion. I attended hiring conferences in Jacksonville and Houston, where I met with several companies, including Siemens. The conferences allowed me to explore my options and be very selective.
I have been with Siemens as a Quality Engineer for a few months and am very satisfied with my new position. I particularly enjoy the traveling opportunities, which I missed in the military, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a job well done. Siemens also gives employees numerous training opportunities, which is helpful in growing in your position. The great location, unbelievable pay, excellent benefits, and flexibility in my schedule are major perks of a career with Siemens.
The military has helped me prepare for my current position. Along with their transitioning courses, the military has given me leadership, electrical, medical, mechanical, and engineering training, which I have used again and again at Siemens.
I would recommend Siemens as a veteran-friendly place to work, mostly for the structure, training, and professional environment, which are very similar to the military. I have this advice to offer to those transitioning out of the military - invest as much time in getting your education prior to getting out; [get] as many certifications as you can. Take time to use the benefits, family support center, courses available, and get your resume updated and perfect. Practice doing interviews, get a suit, and know what you want to do when you get out. Don't waste time, and most important - NETWORK for jobs! Every job interview leads to another job that wasn't posted or advertised."

Antonio Moleros, Customer Service Engineer II, Siemens Healthcare

Antonio Moleros

Customer Service Engineer II, Siemens Healthcare

"I served in both the US Marine Corps and the US Air Force Reserves. My military experience helped me to be successful in my career and formed me into the man I am today. I joined the Marines in 1997 with an MOS in Aircraft Refueling after immigrating from my native Lima, Peru. Being part of an air support squadron, I carried on fueling and defueling operations for all aviation ground assets. During this time, I learned the true meaning of teamwork and discipline, and, most importantly, the consequences that come from the lack of either. I received an honorable discharge with an E-4 pay grade.
In 2002, I decided to join the military once again, this time in the US Air Force Reserve. My time in the Reserves taught me most of my technical knowledge and skills. I joined a medical group as a Biomedical Equipment Engineer. To accomplish this difficult specialty, I had to really apply myself. My duties included preventive maintenance, installations, repairs, and modifications of biomedical equipment while observing medical standards, compliance, specifications, contracts and regulatory guidance. During my time in the Air Force, I stayed an E-4 pay grade and discharged honorably, as well.
Orion helped match me with Siemens Healthcare back in 2008, and I am still with the company nearly five years later. I am convinced that my military background made this career the perfect match for me. No doubt my formation in the Marines gave me a positive life changing experience. The challenges which forced me to endure, adapt, and overcome were priceless and clearly translate into an everyday life in Siemens. It is not enough to know electronics; you have to take ownership of your work all while working efficiency.
The USAFR complemented my Marine Corps experience by shaping me into Biomedical Engineer through a condensed, comprehensive, and professional 11 month course. The knowledge and skills learned in the Air Force rival those of any four year academic institution. Without this quality of education received in the USAFR, it would be impractical to understand and work with civilian colleagues holding bachelors and master degrees in electronics and engineering professions.
Siemens is known worldwide for its quality and is indisputably a leader in innovation and technology. I enjoy working for Siemens, because it offers much more than a secure job with great benefits. For example, there is a university within the company. There are a number of programs which help develop your personal educational goals, and for people like me, this is extremely important. It is evident to me that this company knows that by promoting employee betterment, it achieves a win-win situation.
Thanks to my comprehensive military formation, ethically and technically, after four-and-a-half-years in the company, I am now a Customer Service Engineer II (CSE II). My military life has not faded away, however. In difficult moments on the job, my military experience comes into play and helps me to provide an efficient solution. I proudly work for one of the best companies in the world."

Elroy Newton

Generator Specialist, Siemens Energy

"I served 23.5 years in US Navy before retiring as an O-3E (LT). My first 12 years were spent as a Gas Turbine Technician, during which time I made it to Chief. The second half of my career was spent as a Limited Duty Officer in Engineering.

When transitioning from the Navy back in 2011, I chose to go to work for Siemens over other options because of the similarities I saw in the field service structure and my time in the military. As a Field Engineer, I spend all of my time in the field. I like the fact that the chain of command structure is so similar to the military. I also enjoy the travel and being able to work a lot when at work and be home when I'm home. It's a lot of travel and long hours, but it is well worth it!"