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Life at Siemens

Testimonials from Siemens Employees

Read what others have to say about their transition from the military, finding a career through Orion, and working at Siemens.

A company as big as Siemens doesn't get that way by accident. It's a challenging, technical job with a lot of troubleshooting and it keeps you on your toes. As long as I work hard and show initiative, they will work with me and try to get me where I need to be. Siemens really values your training, background and service.

Ben Staples, Service Specialist, Siemens
Listen to our podcast to hear more about Ben's career with Siemens.


When I began working with Orion, my recruiter not only asked me what I wanted but also informed me of other options I previously had not considered. My initial resistance to 'sales' was short-sighted, and my recruiter was able to explain the ins and outs of sales in a way that opened my eyes. I see parallels to my military career every day. The process of targeting a local National for information collection or influence in a combat zone is very similar to targeting a customer. You MUST understand them. This includes their background and sources of motivation. The end result is very different, but the process is very similar.

Jacob Snyder, Sales Executive, Siemens


I am now a Project Manager for Siemens, providing project management for turbo-compressors, expansions turbines, and other new power systems needed to meet demands of various industries world-wide. Siemens welcomes those who have served in the military. You come in with credibility for being dedicated and hard worker with integrity. My willingness and enthusiasm to assume new challenges has been embraced well since my military service.

Clint Gadney, Project Manager, Siemens


Working for Siemens Industry in the Building Automation division has been interesting, as I continue to learn skills that I would not have thought to learn, such as programming, more in-depth computer servicing, electronic servicing, and electrical wiring and power distribution, while utilizing the skills I learned during my ten year years in the Navy as a Nuclear Machinist Mate. In fact, my military training has given me skills that I use on a regular basis.
Working for Siemens gives me new opportunity every day to better myself, the company, and the job sites I am working. The people I work for at Siemens always support me regardless of what I need. They want us to succeed, so they ensure that we don't have issues that will interfere with that.

Lucas Howerton, Service Specialist, Siemens


I joined the Navy right out of high school. After leaving the Navy, I had been unemployed for six months when I was matched with Siemens at an Orion Hiring Conference. It has been really fun at Siemens. They provide a lot of training and tools you need to do your job and excel. It is a job where I can do something different every day, and accomplish something every day. I would recommend Siemens as an employer because you get to work with a lot of other veterans; Siemens feels like a military family!

Dustin Neiman, Service Technician, Siemens


I served five years in the Marine Corps as an Avionics Technician and later in Production Control. I started with Siemens in October 2011, and they have been giving me extensive training, both on the equipment and the inner workings of the company. My experience has been nothing but positive. My position is respected, I can provide for my family, and I am making a difference in the medical community. I think a career with Siemens would be an easy transition for most veterans.

Joseph Grande, Field Service Technician, Siemens


I served 24 years in the Navy. I held positions such as Aircraft Maintenance Manager and Flight Engineer. This all comes into play in my career as a Site Services Supervisor for the Biglow and Klondike wind farms. Both Siemens and the U.S. Navy are extremely large organizations with histories of excellence and diversity of talent, so adapting to Siemens' culture was almost effortless.

James Corley, Site Services Supervisor, Siemens


My hiring process with Siemens was quick and fast. I had the offer sheet by the end of the week! Siemens is very military friendly. There are a lot of veterans here who know what you are going through with the transition from the military. And, if you are in the Reserves, getting the time off isn't a problem. I have enjoyed my nine months so far with Siemens. The company is good, and I get treated very well.

James Longworth, Service Specialist, Siemens


Siemens is the best place to work, especially for veterans. I love working for an established company that takes care of their people.

Juan Montesramirez, Field Service Technician, Siemens


I was in the Navy for 13 years as an Aviation Electronics Technician. When I separated, I attended an Orion Hiring Conference and interviewed with Siemens. They have provided me with training classes as well as unlimited on-the-job training. My first couple of months so far with Siemens has been great. It's a great place to work. I really enjoy working with Siemens, as they take care of their people, and there is opportunity for growth within the company.

Rick Mulkey, Service Specialist, Siemens


I am a retired Navy Senior Chief with twenty years service. I tried looking for jobs on my own and submitted several applications with no luck. Orion sent me information about Siemens, and I was hired not very long afterwards. Siemens is an incredible company to work for. They provided great training, clear and concise goals, and have excellent pay and benefits. Veterans are welcomed at Siemens; there are many veterans working for them. It was a lucky day for me when Orion called with the job opening.

Bill Johnson, Field Service Technician, Siemens


I have been with Siemens for six months, and I must say that this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had with any job. Siemens offers competitive salaries, job security, educational benefits, and is worldwide, so there is plenty of opportunity for advancement. A lot of the programs Siemens offers and the way the company is structured is similar to military life. I would recommend working at Siemens to any military veteran or civilian.

Sean O'Brien, Field Service Technician, Siemens


Siemens is a very good company to work for, and it isn't a lot different from the military. They acknowledge the benefits of hiring veterans, so you will find many people have a military background. Good luck and I hope to see some more veterans here at Siemens!

Eric Hall, HVAC Systems Specialist, Siemens


Being hired by Siemens was a dream come true. They offer great benefits, great pay, and the opportunity to have a friendly and open workplace. Working for Siemens allows me to be successful, appreciated, and rewarded.

Emival Jorge, Field Service Technician, Siemens

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