About Munters

About Munters

A world leading supplier of climate solutions for the future

Munters is a global leader in innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions for mission-critical processes. Our products and services are crucial to the success of other companies in a number of industries, such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture.

Munters makes an impact

• We play an important role in the production of half of the world's lithium batteries.

• Our mist eliminators remove 95% of the harmful sulfur emitted by ships.

• We make broiler farms more profitable by creating the perfect climate for poultry. Better indoor conditions improve animal welfare and reduce the need for antibiotics.

• We help the agricultural industry achieve higher yields by creating the perfect indoor conditions for seeds and plants.

Watch: Munters - Your Perfect Climate

Our core values

  • Sustainable value creation
    We create a sustainable and lasting value in everything we do. We develop offers and markets that have not yet been defined - we are market pioneers.

  • Passion for results
    We dare to make decisions even in times of uncertainty. We follow up and deliver on what we promise and celebrate when results are achieved.

  • There is always a better way
    We are innovative and constantly want to improve. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

  • Team spirit
    We know the benefits of working together. We share ideas and common goals with a passion to win and we have fun along the way.