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TA Trendsetters: Look Out! Disruption and the Future Ahead

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In our latest issue of Talent Acquisition Trendsetters, Orion Talent is proud to present an in-depth look at disruptors within talent acquisition and insight into innovation in the recruitment industry. In Look Out! Disruption and the Future Ahead, we feature David Pollard, CEO of PredictiveHR, and a pioneer in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry, having founded TalentFusion which was recently sold to Monster/ Randstad.

In this issue, Pollard explores the main disruptors to the recruiting industry, including LinkedIn, Job Board disruptors, RPO, and  tech-enabled talent acquisition processes and systems. Among the most prevalent disruptor is social media. It is remodeling  recruiting paradigms in an online world where jobs come to the candidates instead of the other way around, cold-calling is passe, and boundaries are quickly coming down.  Employer value propositions (EVPs) are more important than ever as companies are being held accountable socially.

Pollard predicts that RPO firms will continue to disrupt, and the industry will see the continued convergence of technology and RPO firms. Additionally, with the continued integration of data, subjectivity will be squeezed out of recruitment. He also suggests that retention will become the new recruitment.

Read this issue of TA Trendsetters to find out why Pollard says fast is the only way to work in an industry where how we engage is changing quickly. You can also access our last two issues, HR's Role in Productivity and Branding, with Katy Theroux of NCI Building Systems, and The Business Case for Military Hiring, with Mary Collins of S&C Electric Company.

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