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Position ID: # EB-8827984119
Date Posted: 1/11/2023 11:18:15 AM
Location: Lenexa, KS
Job Type: Full Time
Salary (USD): $90,000 - $110,000

Job Description

Position Details:  

Title: Project Analyst
Location: Lenexa, Kansas
Shift: Monday-Friday 8-5
Travel: 25% required
Compensation: $90k-$110k
o Bonuses/Additional Compensation: +Bonus of 15%
Benefits: Health insurance, Paid time off, Dental insurance, Vision insurance
Vaccine Requirement: No
Position Description:

Review, revise and assist operations with project schedules at all stages of project development and execution to meet contract requirements.
Develop and implement programs to train and educate operations personnel on issues related to labor control, project setup, planning and schedules, including relevant contract terms and their implications on job estimating, sequencing and execution.
Provide assistance to operations personnel on specific projects regarding the proper project set-up and project plan (work tasks and sequencing) suitable to meet project contract requirements.
Assist operations personnel in addressing ongoing project impacts, issues and schedule updates and modifications as they occur, to memorialize and quantify resulting impacts, as well as to respond to schedule changes by others and mitigate the associated delays and impacts.
Educate operations personnel about the collection of necessary data and evidence, and work with them in the collection of that data and support for the quantification of schedule and cost impact claims, Change Orders and Requests for Equitable Adjustments.
Advocate for and present, often in adversarial situations, claims, Change Orders and REAs with substantiation and professional presentations.
Assist and support external experts in their preparation of our claims documentation, and the experts’ and our internal personnel’s testimony for depositions, mediations, arbitration, litigation and any other necessary means of dispute resolution.
Assist with internal/external audits and post-mortem reviews of project execution to analyze lessons learned from projects involving claims and/or disputes and to develop best-practices going forward from those reviews.
Assist with developing new and improved processes regarding the planning and scheduling performance on projects and assist with the education about and roll-out/implementation of any such new processes.
Assist the attorneys in the Legal Department with any project or claims analysis or any special projects as needed and to support litigation by assessing and presenting schedule impact claims

The Project Analyst must have a minimum 5 years’ experience in construction management, CPM scheduling or similar
Must possess advanced proficiency with widely used commercial scheduling and tracking programs such as PrimaveraTM , ProCore TM , etc.
Must be proficient with developing CPM schedules, and the analysis and modification of CPM schedules and other scheduling methods used by others.
Ability to work independently and manage processes to produce a high-quality work product for use in external claims and/or dispute resolution proceedings.
Ability to collaborate with construction personnel and legal staff to assist in all job function.
Must have good written and oral communication abilities. Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience in technical or construction management or related field preferred
Experience in construction claims development and presentations and dealing with issues in governmental or public contracting is preferred.
Preferred educational background: Construction management, legal or accounting management

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