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Position ID: # EB-3969722662
Date Posted: 7/13/2021 9:39:17 AM
Location: Richardson, TX
Job Type: Full Time
Salary (USD): $20 - $25

Job Description

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can use the electronic and/or electrical knowledge you gained in the military and put them to use to make a product that has an impact on people’s everyday lives and is used to make some of the most sophisticated weaponry our military uses then this is the opportunity for you!


Technicians joining this team will work within their large State-of-the-Art Semiconductor facility in Richardson, TX, where you will receive specialized training and have the opportunity to collaborate with talented peers. You will be working in a very clean, high tech, high producing manufacturing environment.  You will be responsible for performing functions associated with all manufacturing operations, alongside the engineers in a manufacturing set-up and perform calibration tasks, including: preventative maintenance; failure analysis; quality testing and production of memory chips and logic.  You’ll learn and utilize sophisticated programs to collect and evaluate operating data to conduct in-line adjustments to products, instruments, equipment, or processes. Your end product will be used in communications equipment, radar, electronic warfare, space exploration, mobile phones, and countless other applications.

Position Description: Equipment Technician: Responsible for the preventative and corrective maintenance of the tool sets used to manufacture semiconductor products


Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Able to improve system performance to achieve process requirements and eliminate repetitive tool break downs.
Monitor and analyze all related tool data, make recommendation and improvements to maintenance procedures.
Work with engineers to design and execute equipment improvement projects.
Write daily reports and communicate to engineers and technicians on other shifts. 


Strong mechanical, electronic, and troubleshooting skills.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Demonstrated problem solving ability
Knowledge of SPC and how it is used in the manufacturing environment is a plus.
Candidates must be able to stand/walk up to 12 hours per shift and lift up to 50 lbs as well as be able to wear a respirator and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for possible work handling hazardous materials.
Basic computer skills, MS Office.
Strong interpersonal and communications skills.
Ability to work with minimum supervision in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.
Strong work ethic with verifiable references.
Willing to work CWW night shift.
Position Details:     


Location: Richardson, TX (Suburb of Dallas)


Salary:  – $20-$25/hr + Built in Overtime + Shift Differential (12% for N2; 15% for N1)


See the chart below to see how the hourly rates are generally broken down, columns 2 and 3 show the Shift Differential added to your hourly rate if you are put on one of the night shifts.


Shift Schedule: is a 24 hour operation and this is going to be shift work – working a compressed work week schedule of  3 days on / 4 days off – 4 days on – 3 days off, and you can expect to stay on the same shift schedule for at least 6 months (so this is a non rotating shift). Transition days will be on Wednesday and Saturdays – Payroll starts on Sundays; after the 6 months, you might have the option to change your shift – depending on openings.


This is what the shift pattern looks like:


The Short Week is – 3 on / 36hrs with 4 off

The Long Week is – 4 on/ 48 hrs (includes 8 hrs of overtime) with 3 off


You will average a minimum of 8 hrs overtime per pay period (every 2 weeks). In addition, you can occasionally pick up shifts and work overtime as approved.


You will be assigned one of 4 shifts. You will be assigned either D1 or D2 shift (= day shift) or N1 or N2 shift (= night shift + shift premium***)


D1 Shift: 6:00am –6:00pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, every other Wednesday

N1 Shift: 6:00pm – 6:00am Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, every other Saturday with 15% premium per/hr

D2 Shift: 6:00am – 6:00pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, every other Wednesday

N2 Shift: 6:00pm – 6:00am Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, every other Saturday with 12% premium per/hr


*** Shift Premiums apply to ALL hours worked


If brought on board, you must be flexible, and willing to work any shift – they probably won’t be assigned until after the date of hire.

Benefits: Excellent benefits including Medical insurance, Dental insurance and a matching 401K plan.

              This company will provide relocation for candidates that have already used their military move

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