"The leadership skills I gained in the military have really helped me succeed as an Account Manager. The military also taught me self -discipline, time management, and the importance of hard work. When I got hired, Ingersoll Rand sent me through an extensive training program that they invested a lot of money in. That shows me that they are very interested in the professional development of their employees and genuinely want them to succeed." - Jonathan Dufault, Account Manager

"After transitioning from Active Duty, I enlisted into the Reserves and have been called away to Active Duty quite a lot during my time with Trane. They have been very understanding and helpful while I've been gone. The transition for veterans into the civilian world can be a daunting and intimidating task. Not only was Trane appreciative of my service, they were also very accommodating of my reserve obligations." - Brian Zarzycki, Controls Technician

"The most rewarding thing about working with Ingersoll Rand is the company atmosphere and teamwork mindset. They let you know that your service mattered and make sure to show you how to transfer that experience to the company and the community." - Jonathan Cooper, Controls Technician

"My time in service helped prepare me for a career with Ingersoll Rand because the same general rules apply in building relationships and solving problems. Ingersoll Rand has a very military friendly environment and you will have ample opportunity to receive employer sponsored training. They sent me to a 5-month training course when I was first hired. I currently serve in the Marine Corps Reserve and I know the company highly values both my past and present service." - Andrew Guthrie, Account Manager