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USMC Combat Engineering Officer


Bachelor of Science, Sociology, Criminology and Law Studies | 2012
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI


United States Marine Corps | 2014 - Present
MCAS Cherry Point, NC

Engineer Executive Officer | 2016 - Present

  • Responsible for the training, readiness, and wellbeing of over 100 Marines and Sailors assigned to the unit. The Company contains all engineering assets within the unit to include: Heavy Equipment (Horizontal Construction), Combat Engineering (Vertical Construction/ Draft and Survey, Demolition), and Utilities (Electrical and Water).
  • Responsible for forecasting any critical shortfalls in personnel and equipment. Collateral duties as the Squadron Fundraising Chairman and Treasurer for Birthday Ball Committee.
  • Ensured over 100 Marines and Sailors were trained and adequately prepared for all future missions and operations.
  • Assisted in the planning of future company-level training exercises, coordinating all essential logistical requirements for the company, which resulted in 90% readiness for all company mission essential tasks.

Heavy Equipment Platoon Commander | 2014 - 2016

  • Responsible for the morale, discipline, and combat readiness of the heavy equipment platoon consisting of 35 Marines, while maintaining accountability of equipment and personnel and ensuring adherence to training and readiness standards, annual training, and pre-deployment training.
  • Responsible for managing and maintaining all heavy equipment assets, totaling over $8.7M while ensuring compliance to command guidance and maintenance procedures. Additionally, held the collateral duty of Squadron Engineer Equipment Licensing and Load Test Officer.
  • Acted as Project Manager and Site Supervisor for Alligator Bridge FARP project, totaling $300K, 4,600 man hours, 1900 equipment hours, 3,300 cubic yards of earthen fill emplaced, and 30,000 square feet of sand grid emplaced; resulted in the completion of two earthen helicopter pads with attached access ways in support of Marine Aircraft Group 29 and 2D Marine Air Wing (MAW).
  • Planned and successfully executed General Engineering Exercise (GENEX) aboard 29 Palms, CA resulting in one 16x32 foot structure constructed with electrical power, two guard posts constructed to exceed USMC standards, and perimeter security aboard the Forward Operating Base. The project was completed with 25 Marines and three pieces of heavy equipment, equating to 3,750 man hours and 315 equipment hours.

Squadron Logistics Officer | 2014

  • Responsible for serving as the Principal Advisor to the Commanding Officer on all matters of logistical support and expertise, supervising the daily operations of six separate and critical functional areas to include: Armory, Ammunition, Embarkation, Food Service, Facilities, and Maintenance Management.
  • Responsible for the growth, development, and mentorship of over 40 Marines within the Logistics Section, ensuring all annual and pre-deployment training requirements were completed. Collaterally served as the unit's Disaster Relief and Response Officer and Environmental Coordinator.
  • Responsible for the accountability, maintenance, and operational employment of over 4K principle end items valued at over $5M.
  • Planned and provided all logistical support needed to complete two large-scale exercises consisting of over 600 combined personnel and 300 short tons of equipment.
  • Planned and executed the operational redeployment of over 140 personnel and 100 short tons of equipment in support of Marine Corps operations in the Middle East.
  • Planned and coordinated the squadron's W.P.T. Field Mess competition, earning the Squadron the prized distinction of being named the best field mess in the Marine Corps.

Maintenance Management Officer | 2014

  • Responsible for the equipment readiness of the entire squadron through eight separate commodities.
  • Responsible for providing maintenance management expertise to the staff in support of squadron operations and ensuring the maintenance cycle was being conducted in accordance with USMC policies and procedures. Additionally, held the collateral duty as the squadron's assistant DSCA officer.
  • Ensured the unit maintained an overall 92% equipment readiness rating for 577 pieces of equipment by conducting aggressive reconciliation efforts between individual commodities and both the maintenance and supply sections.
  • Successfully closed 468 maintenance related service requests.
  • Completed a rigorous maintenance management internal inspection program in preparation for the Commanding General's Inspection Program (CGIP).
  • Planned and executed a vibrant new training and managing procedure allowing the squadron to increase maintenance output and proficiency.