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March 6-7, 2017

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Air Force Officer with a Master's Degree


Master of Science, Sports Management/Administration | 2015
American Military University, Charles Town, WV

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering | 2005
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


United States Air Force | 2006 - Present

Operations Director / Instructor Navigator | 2016 - Present
Little Rock, AR

  • Plan, direct and lead dynamic, full-scale rehearsals of operations to test capabilities and practices in crisis situations for the 34th Combat Training Squadron, with participating U.S. and international coalition personnel in support of Army Units; provide post-exercise/post-training feedback to senior leadership on battle readiness and survivability. Advised the Battalion Commander regarding specific requirements for accuracy of target location assurance, target description, and duration the target was viable for targeting.
  • Facilitate and attend senior-level coordination meetings to align training efforts and exercise objectives.
  • Synchronize/organize airlift support and training to over 4,000 Army and Air Force personnel per exercise; prioritize training events in execution to ensure attainment of Higher Headquarter objectives in addition to maintaining Joint accreditation.
  • Led Air Mobility Division in the success of the largest exercise in 22 years; successfully executed 19 flight daily schedules.

Assistant Director of Operations / Instructor Navigator | 2015 - 2016
Little Rock, AR

  • Managed an office of 10 in the 34th Combat Training Squadron, responsible for ensuring that the scenario of a $3.2M joint exercise/full-scale rehearsal was executed correctly and efficiently; coordinated essential instructor corps manpower.
  • Scheduled/prioritized 30+ instructors per training exercise over an average of seven, two-week drills throughout the year; provided realistic wartime scenario training to upwards of 4,000 Army and Air Force personnel per exercise.
  • Instructed mobility aircrews on tactical employment of their aircraft in a simulated combat environment.
  • Reinforced techniques and procedures essential to survival if engaged in combat.

Deputy Director / Assistant Manager / Instructor Navigator | 2014 - 2016
Little Rock, AR

  • Chaired promotion and retention board package review; led a four-person team tasked with reviewing personnel documents for 300+ Officers, ensuring submissions were complete and correct prior to personnel center review.
  • Coordinated 2,700+ staff actions including annual performance reports, promotions, awards and directive dissemination/implementation between higher headquarters and subordinate units.
  • Reviewed/edited performance reports and other documentation prior to submitting to the Commander for signing.
  • Ranked in the top 9% of 313 Captains on base.

Chief of Scheduling / Instructor Navigator | 2013 - 2014
Little Rock, AR

  • Supervised a team of 12 assigned to the 53rd Airlift Squadron scheduling shop, accountable for over $300M in assets and 190 aircrew members, tasked with executing an 8,700-hour training program.
  • Prioritized 246 missions and 1,000 training hours to ensure mission readiness of 30 crew members.
  • Overcame the impact of a 35% flight hour reduction due to DoD budget cuts, ensuring that critical personnel remained ready/prepared; ranked in the top 7% of 378 Operations Officers.

Flight Chief / Navigator | 2012 - 2013
Little Rock, AR

  • Oversaw the training, administrative actions and battle readiness of 15 Pilots/Navigators within the 53rd Airlift Squadron; tracked/verified semi-annual flight and ground training completion, wrote performance reports and awards packages.
  • Deployed to Afghanistan for a three-month assignment; navigated C-130 through hostile environment and terrain to resupply designated locations/bases by air-land delivery and air-drop.
  • Ranked in the top 11% of 370 Operations Officers.

Deputy Chief, Asset Management Division | 2008 - 2010
Okinawa, Japan

  • Directed the day-to-day activities of a team of 30 civilians/Japanese local nationals in the 718th Civil Engineer Squadron; responsible for implementing a new Asset Management system and playbooks at Okinawa Air Base, including environmental, utilities, community planning and base development, real property and energy conservation.
  • Managed the DoD's largest military property inventory including 12.5K acres, 5,238 facilities and 8,344 family housing units worth $8.1B.
  • Won the USAF Energy Conservation Award; reduced usage by 16K MBTUs, exceeding DoD goal by 3.1%.

Project Manager | 2006 - 2008
Sumter, SC

  • Led six engineers, technicians, and construction inspectors in the "cradle-to-grave" execution of projects for the 20th Civil Engineer Group.
  • Reviewed/oversaw a $74M design program and managed $49M in construction projects.
  • Provided statements of work, basic designs and guidance for contracting projects and technical proposal reviews.
  • Deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as Lead Electrical Engineer; designed power distribution systems for 10 training bases equating to $2.7M in projects. Awarded Army Commendation medal for accomplishments/actions during deployment.